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  Emotionally Focused Therapy, or EFT, is a well-researched and proven effective treatment for couples counseling.  

Couple are able to move  through very challenging issues,  greatly improve communication, repair trust and come out stronger than ever.

This practice is inclusive and welcoming to all individuals and couples

Love is a constant process of tuning in, connecting, missing

and misreading cues, disconnecting, repairing and finding

deeper connection.  It is a dance of meeting and parting and

finding each other again. Minute to minute and day to day. 

Dr. Sue Johnson

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I teach couples Mindfulness Based Relationship Skills as a part of Couples Counseling  to help facilitate connection, kindness, compassion and forgiveness. 

These are simple techniques that can help transform conflict into connection and bring  more clarity, love, happiness into your relationship.  I also teach mindfulness mediation to those couples that are interested.

How do you use Mindfulness with Couples?

As a specialist in Couples Counseling, I can help you to reconnect with your partner, develop a deeper understanding of one another's needs and support you on the path towards a closer, stronger, happier relationship.


Couples Counseling can help with:

Repairing and rebuilding trust

Improving communication

Increasing intimacy and affection

Resolving past hurts and resentments

Resolving conflicts without heated arguments or silent distancing

Create a feeling of openness, emotional safety and love

90% reported significant improvement in  their relationship*

  Research on Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT)* shows that over 70% of couples reported a complete absence of distress at the end of therapy.

Couples Therapy can truly make a difference

Events from the past keep coming up without any hope of being solved.

You feel that your partner doesn't care about you or that you don't matter. 

You feel like you're growing apart and want to get the relationship back on track.

It feels like your partner should know what you need after all of these years without you having to say so.

Do any of the following sound familiar?

You keep having the same arguments over and over again without any lasting change

Sex and intimacy are strained  and feel more like a chore than a pleasure.

You feel like roommates.  

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy does this by helping couples to:

  • Greatly improve communication
  • Learn how to have effective problem solving conversations(instead of repetitive arguments )
  • Strengthen their emotional and intimate connection


When couples experience this type of emotional safety, there begins to be more openness and flexibility in problem solving and communication and couples experience a deep sense of trust and connectedness.