Denan Burke, LMFT #43415

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist


Find true relief from suffering, live free of the burden of anxiety,  depression, overwhelm and grief,  heal from past events and enjoy a full, happy, authentic life.

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Learn to respond rather than react, connect more deeply to your spirituality or sense of meaning and enjoy an increased sense of satisfaction with life.

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Do you find yourself struggling with anxiety, depression and stress, or a lack of satisfaction and contentment with life?  

Perhaps you are feeling frustrated and exhausted in your relationship and are having the same arguments again and again without any real resolve?

Have you found yourself wondering if there is a way to experience a more meaningful, joyful, conscious life?  

~ This practice is inclusive and welcoming to all individuals and couples​ ~

The heart of our work is to help you to explore your inner emotional experience, identify negative, self-defeating beliefs, learn skills that will help you to respond, rather than react, to life situations and find true happiness and contentment with your life and your relationships.

We offer a safe, supportive environment and a warm, compassionate, open-minded approach.  Exploring your life together is a sacred space and we feel truly honored to guide you in this process.

Our time together provides the support and guidance to develop greater self-awareness, inner resources such as self-compassion and coping skills and more conscious, close, connected, relationships. 

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    Break free from patternsthat leave you unfulfilled, lonely and frustrated, heal from affairs or other betrayals, and learn how to create the closeness and connection you long for.


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