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Hallelujah Adams, AMFT #119034

Associate Therapist

Individual Adults




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Kristin Stringfellow, AMFT #122683

Associate Therapist

Kristin Koller,  AMFT #110911

Associate Therapist

Individual Adults &  Couples



Kristin Koller, AMFT, Hallelujah Adams, AMFT  and Kristin Stringfellow, AMFT are Registered Associate Marriage & Family Therapists working under the supervision of Denan Burke, LMFT 43415.

Our therapists take a heart-centered, mindfulness based approach to working with you as an individual,  in your relationship or with your child and family.  We strive to create a compassionate, safe, open environment where you feel supported in exploring life's difficulties, fears and uncertainties, while working towards finding clarity,  resolution and peace.

Denan Burke, LMFT #43415

Owner & Therapist

Individual Adults & Couples


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