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Explore your own feelings  regarding the challenges of parenting (overwhelm, regret, sadness) in a safe, supportive space.

Examine your own triggers  and reactive behaviors towards your child and learn how to respond rather than react.

Decrease your own anxiety, stress, guilt, frustration and shame regarding parenting

Learn basic Mindfulness Skills and how to integrate these into your parenting approach.

Training & Experience

I am a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist with specialized training and expertise in Parent/Child Relationships and Parent Consultation.  My experience and training includes:

Certificate in Infant-Family Clinical Practice from the Harris Institute where I completed a two-year fellowship focusing on child development , parent consultation and therapeutic treatment for children birth to 5 years old and their families.

Over 20 years of experience offering parenting classes and consultation to parents, teachers and childcare staff in California, Arizona & Nevada regarding positive discipline and child development.

Training in the very effective technique known as Conscious Discipline, a comprehensive self-regulation program that integrates social-emotional learning and positive, conscious discipline.

Completion of Level I and II training from Mindful Schools, a highly effective and research supported program that utilizes mindfulness to facilitate effective learning, cooperation, and academic success. 

 Mindfulness Skills for Parents

Receive information and guidance regarding child development, common emotional and behavioral issues and the most effective methods of positive discipline.

Develop a better understanding of your child's emotional needs and behaviors and optimal ways to respond.

Reduce conflict and strengthen family relationships

Learn new parenting skills and how to best implement a change to the current approach.

What happens in Parent Consultation?

 Many, many parents share your experience and CHANGE IS POSSIBLE.  You and your child’s temperaments, personalities, life experiences, current circumstances, frustration tolerance, and coping skills all play a part in the parent/child relationship dynamic.

You feel the relationship with your child (or partner or family) is suffering due to parent/child conflict.

You often feel triggered by a particular behavior or set of behaviors and can't help but overreact.

You've tried various parenting techniques or advice without success.

You find yourself longing for a closer, more joyful relationship with your child.

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Do any of these sound familiar?

  It’s difficult to parent effectively unless you are first feeling calm enough, reasonable enough and in control enough to work through the situation.  If you’re not, and you respond with reactivity, the behavior is unlikely to change and can often get worse. 

Mindfulness based parenting can truly change the way you parent and how your children respond to their own distress, your parenting and their own lives. 

You are not alone.....

In my experience, many parents avoid asking for help because they feel too ashamed or guilty about their past behaviors towards their children as well as hopeless or overwhelmed about how to fix the situation.   Many parents feel they should be able to figure it out or feel they are the only family with such challenges.  Oftentimes there is wear on the entire family including  parent/child, sibling and couple relationships.  This can often increase the stress level in a family and perpetuate the ongoing parent/child relationship distress.

You find yourself saying things to your child and acting in ways you swore you never would.

You feel overwhelmed or confused about how to best raise a happy, well-adjusted child.

You feel guilty or ashamed for your reactions to your child’s behavior.

You're at a loss of how to effectively discipline your child

Parenting support is for parents that are currently struggling with the parent/child relationship, discipline,  child behavioral issues or difficulty agreeing on a parenting approach with their partner.   It's also for those parents that are interested in learning new approaches to parenting, integrating mindfulness into their parenting approach and fine-tuning what’s already working well.

Parenting Skills & Enrichment

For parents of young children 3-10 years old