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Expressive Arts Therapy

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When do you use EXA?

Expressive Arts Therapy is always an option depending on your interest.  This type of therapy can be particularly helpful if  you feel stuck about a particular issue, if you find that you talk around and around in circles, always arriving at the same place or analyze a situation over and over but cannot find “the answer.”   When we can get out of “thinking mode,”  it allows space for our deeper wisdom to arrive.

This can be useful at times when clients are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or just don't have the words to express what they are feeling.  Engaging in an arts process can have positive effects such as a reduction in anxiety, depression and stress and an overall feeling of emotional well-being.

 The arts offer a way to bypass the conditioned thinking mind and provide a direct pathway to your deeper, knowing, true self.  This “no-mind” zone is an incredible place of self-discovery.

Has this been studied or researched?

There has been research and clinical practice that demonstrates the effectiveness between art-making and therapeutic progress.  My training included extensive study of expressive arts therapy as well as how to tailor various arts processes according to one’s interests and needs.The arts have been used for centuries as a way to connect, express, mourn and celebrate.  Expressive arts therapy offers the opportunity for you to experience the growth and healing that can result from the power of this modality.

But I’m not an artist…or creative….

EXA is for everyone! Expressive arts therapy focuses on the process of expression – not on the final product.  Most adults feel self-conscious about engaging in a creative process or believe that they lack creativity all together. EXA is truly about the process and allowing an expression to emerge.  The end product is not at all a focus. The arts are the tool, the process of engaging in the arts is where the healing happens.  Absolutely no previous art experience is required.

What is Expressive Arts Therapy (EXA)?

Expressive Arts Therapy, or EXA, integrates art forms such as sandtray, journaling, imagery, visual art, music and movement into the counseling process.

The arts provide an effective way to explore and express feelings, access inner wisdom,  foster deep personal growth, develop a clearer understanding of an issue and  free your creativity.